Feather and Coal is the latest venture from award winning stylist, Emily Kent. Over sixteen years Emily has built up an impressive body of work and a reputable name across many different areas of hairstyling, fashion, music and bridal. Her bridal work led her to start her own agency in 2012 which is highly regarded amongst top London wedding planners as to go to company for the best artists in the field. The experience gained over these different sectors coupled with an eagerness to pursue a career in jewellery design has led to creation of Feather and Coal and its first collection for 2015.

"My passion for crafting headdresses really began as a by-product following my work in hairdressing and particularly bridal. I have had countless clients and worked with so many different types of accessories over the years which naturally led me to develop my own ideas having seen how many products lacked the design and function when applying them to the hair. This is a key feature of all of my designs in that they are intended to be versatile and wearable whether clients are fitting them on their own or with the aid of a professional stylist.

The design process was very natural and organic and something I enjoyed immensely from the outset. I have put an enormous amount of love and thought into the collection, the main thing I hope for the is that those who choose a piece for their wedding day feel that it is special, unique and something to treasure."